Policies and What to Expect From Therapy Sessions


Cancellation Policy

Please provide a 24-hour notice of cancellation by email, phone or text message to prevent being charged for the session.  Should you be unable to contact me within a 24-hour period due to unforeseen circumstances, I will allow one emergency cancellation without charging you.  If you are running late to a session, please email me or leave a phone or text message informing me of your expected arrival time.  I will do my best to provide you with your full time (depending on my schedule of patients that day) or to discuss making up the time during a future session.   


What to expect from the telephone CONSULTATION

The consultation will take approximately 20 minutes.  I will ask questions regarding your reasons for seeking treatment and your therapy goals.  I will discuss my treatment approach, my fee, limits of confidentiality, and what to expect from in-person and/or video therapy.  I will provide suggestions and/or recommendations for alternative treatment should we determine I am not the right fit for you.  Should you feel comfortable working with me, I will schedule your first in-person or video therapy session. 


what to expect from your first in-person and/or video therapy Session

Prior to your first session, I will send you intake, consent, and privacy and policies forms to review and complete.  A comprehensive assessment of the problems at hand and treatment goals will continue over the first 2-3 sessions.  While this assessment is taking place, treatment begins immediately at the first appointment.  Summaries and suggestions for activities (i.e., experiments or homework) will be part of every session.  Most importantly, your feedback will be requested to ensure we are on the right track.  All in-person or video therapy sessions will be 60 minutes in duration.  

Subsequent sessions will continue to address treatment goals.  Treatment can focus on targeted issues or long standing difficulties.  Although many people report feeling some relief after the first few sessions, therapy can be difficult and painful at times.  Therefore, I will monitor progress and make suggestions to support and provide a safe environment to optimize our time together.