Individual Therapy for Adults


At times our thoughts and emotions may become something we want to avoid.  They may create stress in our lives or lead to burnout.  We may be unable to think clearly, utilize healthy coping strategies, or communicate and connect with others.  In therapy, we assess these thoughts and emotions, we help release their hold on our lives, and we build coping methods that work for us.  


What is Therapy?

Therapy is the interaction between an individual or individuals and a trained professional who work collaboratively to identify and address feelings, emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and interactions with others.   In therapy, issues are identified and healthy methods of coping are taught, strengthened, and practiced.   It is a safe place to discuss freely the stressors you experience without judgement, and with the goal of improving awareness and quality of life.

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Getting Started

Whether you are returning to treatment, or considering getting support for the first time, scheduling a phone conversation to discuss your concerns is a great step.

I provide weekly video sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays. Once a month, we will meet in-person on a Sunday or Monday in my downtown San Francisco office.  Early morning and evening times are available.  

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